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Ashwings The Zombiehunter CS by Ashwings Ashwings The Zombiehunter CS by Ashwings
CS as in Character Sheet :D

Seems everyone is doing these character I decided to get in on the fun!

Umm yeahh...the Zombie Hunter series will just be a range of short comics casting my RL friends and a few random characters in a post apacolyptic todays world inhabitied with Zombies! O__O Mwahaha!! Juuust soething for me to do in my spare time, till I become bored with it :D Or something... hehehe.

um yeaaah this is fr a number of people.... and for people who want a reference...if they wanna draw her...or something XD
just a bunch of random doodles of my crazy ass persona...

Will go in the scraps later....just wanted people to seee~

more to come later :D
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zombiehunter2 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
wow i want to be friends with her!!! is she doesen't mind i also kill zombies AS A zombie
Zuckerwattebaum Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
Interesting. :star:
StarbyStars Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2010
you so good at drawing cartoonish people! its impossible for me!! >.<
RuneKatashima Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2009
Toes! :D
freeza-frost Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
sweet info sheet!

you should publish yer comic! i'd buy it! :D
AtomicAtomic Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2006
You should really enter that into void city... when it goes up.... I mean that is really good.
Ashwings Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2006
Whats void city? xD
AtomicAtomic Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2006
This 'void city' is a sequntial art battle site... Look it up, even if you don't battle you'll like the people there... and their awsome battles
blakShadow Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2006
aww itz so very cute xDD lol i like ur character XD
DragonOfHeart Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2006
haha, you're so good. i'm feeling weird by looking at your cool art.
GeminiJim Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2006
okay, so it's an old piece, but I just noticed it, so I faved it. happy new year!

oooh, body parts!
madmoon Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2005
....i heart you....*cries of love*
bizhan-keizar Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2005
just using this to check up final details on your gift. very useful, thanks!
Alelie Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2005
Cool character sheet.
Resnick Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2005  Student Traditional Artist
that is so awsome! seems like a cool character!
evilharajuku Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2005
Scarfy Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2005   Writer
Wow, your too good for this earth - and that is one of the most original characters I've ever seen, especially with the hat. All the stuff in your gallery rocks but I thought this was the best: so I commented on it. :) :+fav: because I love it.
kylie123 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2005   Writer
i love this, its brill
mindflenzing Featured By Owner May 12, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Zombie Survival Guide suggests a crowbar or a machette as close quarters weapons. You may want to read that book. My roommate got me a copy and it is really useful (funny) stuff.
kangamoo Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
one word:
AWSOME!!!! omg love the little things you added (the bag- YUMMY!!) makes me wanna whip out a pencil and do MILLIONS on CS!!!! AHHH!!! damn your cute style!!
Faullen Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2005
i love character sheets yours is so cool :D
realy likeing your gallery to great work
Gillham-san Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2005
I like character sheets, it tends to be the silly little rough sketches of daft poses that help make it for me and this is no exception!
NoS3lf3st33m Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2005   Digital Artist
Yay this is all fun!.. I love character sketchies ^^..
armyotaku Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2005
All hail the tough maglite. Good for whacking zombies, hippies, burglars, small animals and anything else that might try to bite your jugular.
tearsofscarlet Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2005   Traditional Artist
Well, there goes one of MY comic ideas out the window! Beaten to it again... Anywhoo, nice job. I love concept sheets.
Amadrierith Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2005
yay a fellow zombie hunter! tough job.... really tough..... :salute: kl work :)
aznmonik93 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2005
you draw superbly well!

cheer!! =D
Nif Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2005
Funny, funny, funny!!! I like "charadesign" picture a lot. Can I make a pixel doll of Zombiehunter?
Ashwings Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2005
yeah sure as long as you provide the credit....and all that other fun stuff :D
I wanna seeeee when its done! o___o
Nif Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2005
Ok! I'll start my work when I find proper base :)
Absolute-- Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2005
OOOoh, das nice, mikuri.
deviler Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2005
Awsome! It's really cool. I'd like to see other characters too. And the word 'titties' was used quite professionally. Pretty soon it will be a widely accepted art term. But anywho ya, I look forward to reading TZH. Looks awsomezors!
mango-manga-bun-nay Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2005  Student
maybe i should do 1!!
Akikohai Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2005
why do I so love your artwork...your just so damn good!!! T-T
:dance: :blowkiss: Great job Ashwings!!!
KawaiiJamu Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2005
omg I completely adore this! you draw really well, I love the details on the clothes and i love her face! THe shovel rules! This reminds me of Silent hill a lot! Eee you totally rock!
Raccuun Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2005
omg lmao that is so uniquely nifty :dance:
shadystar Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2005
i like those hands lol
Robochan Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2005
I want an orange cellphone...-.O Awesome. :3
SilverAqua Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2005
Really cool char list!!!
natyismyhero Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2005
have i ever mentioned that i hate your talentedness! it is so wonderful that i am embittered against you! :glomp: can i have you? I can keep you in my closet and you can arbitrarely draw pctures for me!
Ashwings Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2005
I is not machieeeene!!! I is peeeeeople!

natyismyhero Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2005
well...way to be an incredibly awesome artiste!
anonynous Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2005
haha! i love everything about this picture!! YAY!! pretty as always!! ^^
fira-flame Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2005
Wow... makes me want to draw her... ::drool:: Maybe I'll do it tonight, after I reformat D:
Deadskullhead Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2005
So does that mean I could draw your character? could that be considerd fanart....i wonder.
Ashwings Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2005
Yeah people draw her all the time as gift art ^_^ and if you credit me and note me I usally always add it to my faves . I'm going to make a big book of gift art one day *nods*
pico-pito Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2005  Hobbyist
Cool idea!
1on1 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2005
grate pic, :D love u style.
Cornellius Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
you have a different style in lines and colouring more of a modern comic style
kitchan333 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
kyoot! your style kind of reminds me of machall comics.
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