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September 26, 2007
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Bang by Ashwings Bang by Ashwings
I REALLY didn't know what to title this.
And thats a chick, not a dude, the chick is Jenny actually.

A little glimpse into the past before Jenny's arrival on ARC. The Wastelands are a cruel and harsh place to live, even more so if you are young, and on your own.
As my character is finding out, It's hard to trust people in this dog-eat-dog world of survival and death. Zombies are not the only thing that want to kill you.


Was working on this on and off between, well everything that I was doing at the time. This is one of those images that I should have stopped working on a looong time ago--but I overworked it to death, and might still overwork it to death. But oh god, look at that wall!

Tried to capture shock/pain/terror, got shot in the shoulder...and then she kinda slid off to the side and down. blahhaha. I kinda feel like this now actually yarr.

The Webcomic:
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I've been wondering if this is the injury that ARC was treating her for when she first came in as part of the Wastelander Project. But then she really wasn't on her own (Milo!). I don't actually expect you to verify or correct my question, I imagine it'll be revealed eventually.


One thing I really appreciate about your comic is how you represent your female characters. They're treated like people. No pinup artwork figures, barely there clothing, or perfect Godiva hair- long and loose and hazard-in-waiting. Jenny's hair and clothes are crap right now (in the image) and she's got a very nonsexy expression on - realism ain't just for the male characters people. 


I haven't even mentioned your skills as a writer. 

She managed to survive a gun shot to her collarbone? O_o Couldn't say neck or shoulder completely since it's inbetween.
That blood streak, and the cracks in that wall...GLORIOUS. Great work.
Amazing piece! Title Suggestions: "Whhhhyyyy?!?"..."got winged"..."woman down"..."never saw it coming"..."you were warned"..."collateral damage"..."closing loose ends"..."that oughta slow you down a little"
...Jenny would be a cute guy...
I always believed that one of the worst things to experience in a zombie apocalypse isn't the zombies its the crazy folk that survive said zombie apocalypse...
Depends whether the zombie is a Berserker or crawler if you ask me. A berserker would likely be worse than the majority of bastards trying to kill you, since they're quicker and are more interested torturing you as long as possible than turning you. Though there would probably be a few people who suck just as much.
specialrefuse Jan 8, 2010   Traditional Artist
My God! Amazing...! xD
this is sooo good! love the blood! sorry, big gore fan its sooo cool though luv color of blood! you're very good a people i'm workin on it. you inspire me! wanna be buddies?
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