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CGen - Character sheet by Ashwings CGen - Character sheet by Ashwings
Lolah's Net Icon! She's a Wizard so she can make herself look like whatever she wants n_n Her wings and clawthings are formed from the blood gooshing out of her forehead--and they like...morph into different things... and whatnot xD

I'm so full of myself, all I draw is my character el oh el.

More abuse with the pen tool in painter 9.
Messing around with things and stuff AGAIN!

RPG Game synopsis for those who are interested:

This is set in the future after the Cyberpunk age where you play as kids fighting the evils of society and corrupt governments, and just struggling to survive in a cruel corrupt world.
A disease called the "Genetic Metabolic Disruption Syndrome" also known as ‘the carbon plague’ starts spreading. Victims are left as half-dissolved mounds of flesh and Hexite. Over the next month the disease moves across the country and into Canada and Mexico. Fatalities number in the thousands.
Some children survive the Carbon Plague. After time, some seem to demonstrate unusual and inhuman abilities. Authorities begin detaining them for medical observation. Many die while under their care.

The president declares plague survivors to be disease carriers and threats to the national health. A campaign of persecution begins against the "CyberEvolved" children, as media propaganda is manufactured, state bounties are posted, and police actions are mobilized. Both corporate and government groups start actively hunting the kids- some for research, others for containment and ELIMINATION.
The DSA (Domestic Security Agency) discovers the existence of the Eden Cabal, a group of former Cyberpunks who are sheltering Cyberevolved children and training them in anti-government tactics. Active elimination of this organization is begun.

Mere children are granted the ability to read minds, can speak and control virtual space and technology, heal people, have the capacity to create metallic weapons from their bodies, they have heightened reflexes, and have the potential to heal faster then any normal human.

You are evolved.

You and your friends are being hunted by government agents who want to put you under a microscope, kill you, or even try to capture turn you against your friends and to join there side. All while trying to make good grades, avoiding bullies at school, go to the mall, and have fun at a friend’s birthday bash.
Who can you trust?
Your parents? Your friends? Teachers? The police?

The time for change is now. Evolve or Die.

Want to find out more?

>> Find out more and order the books @ R.Talsorian adventure games!
>> R.Talsorian website


Oh and for those of you who want cheap online PDF'S!

Very cheap, very legal Cybergen PDF'S can be found here!

Amazing, amazing game. I urge you to check it out!
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natsuki34 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
sounds really cool

i wanna try this
MonkeysUndles Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2008  Student Writer
authorman Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2008
That's a wicked idea. does she have a story other than the one listed in the comments. I think she would be really interesting to see in a story.
CanisEnthusiast Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2008

I love the wings!
HVP Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2008  Hobbyist Artist
so.. what is that accident?^^
13mmjackel Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2008   Photographer
Kenichi2point0 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2008
Awesome wings!
Monkeytaillo Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008   General Artist
cool idea that the wings transform into stuff.. o.o
hsvoen Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2007
looks cool
HusdomGarden Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2007   Photographer
Seriously bro... you are one of the most creative artist i have ever seen.
Meshlena Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2007
So way cool! ^_^
flo-f-l-o Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2007
this is an amazing piece, the different wing styles are gorgeous!
Maniacal-Blonde Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2007
woo! that's so uber-spiff!!
fini85 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2007
great!! just using pen... wawh..
MysteryofAlbesila Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2007
great work!
truzkafka Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2007
darkRaika Featured By Owner May 30, 2007
i like your style alot. love those wings! +fav
jaz999 Featured By Owner May 7, 2007
Jenny, you're a spooky little zombie ...hunter...thing. :D
fuzzyllama Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
kreeeeepy!!! <3
wats with the rpg thingy pasted twice?
Ashwings Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
totally not intended xD *fixes*
fuzzyllama Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
its all good =P
DFadler Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2007
fluffyhugger Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2007
that sounds so cool..... that game thingy er w/e....i lovez it!
blackthornart Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2007
awesome! love the wings...
CaptainOscillator Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2007
how does she not run out of blood due to massive head-gooshing?
RoflWolf Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2007
Mega creepy, but sweet concept. :D
MADisson Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2007
I just love your character. The first drawing I saw of her was the blueish one with the odd eye. I had checked out the sites you linked but I just hadn't had the time or money to get or play these. T____T
Ashwings Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2007
oh thank you n_n aww thats too bad, but once you get the time and money you won't regret it! :D
Centi Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wtf mate XD You're not full of yourself you are true to yourself XDD I love original characters in original art so more powah to yaaaa <3
happybullet15 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
very unique! i wish she wasn't just wearing a plain whit dress though. she would look so good with more color and design!
Ashwings Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007
Ah but the plain dress is there for a reason, and balances out the intricate ness of the wing design, anything more on the dress would make it look clusterfucked and bad ;)
paellamagi Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Wow, this is one amazing character sheet.
dimmsinner Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2007
dig those wings.
Lisiu Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
Oh...! I love this wings :O
crazyadams87 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2007
I want wings like that. How come I dont have them????? MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THAT!!!!!!!!! WHY NOT ME???????????.
Xeikkeiu Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
She looks like som sort of evil fairy here, it's very cool (and scary, but I like blood!) :)
DragonOfHeart Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2007
That girl better's got plenty of blood =P That's a great idea anyway, and the artwork too :)
Asha-Sann Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2007
Well, your allowed to draw your character ^^ It is after all your character =P
I love her, she gorgeous :heart:
evil-pumpkin Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
One of your best so far...I love the cruelty given by the bw. :+fav:
HysteriaBound Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2007
Totally awesome! Great concept too!
I always heard that head wounds bleed the most xD
NekoKyo1 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2007
killer wing
really like how you made them look
Kiyama Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2007   Traditional Artist
Very cool and creative. Love the wings. :3
Komimi Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2007
another rpgmaker!! xD

great desings amd original conepts :+fav:
nineDsroyalflush Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2007
I've always wanted to get into a pen&;paper RPG. Just one question. In these type of games theres always like 20 different books. Is there a starter book or do you just grab one and go with it?
Ashwings Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2007
There is a starter one *nodnods* this would be it for this game ---> [link]
friendkeep Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
That is awesome.....

I would love wings like that.
Malkavian87 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2007
Woh...that's amazing :wow:...the wings r simply fantastic!!!
kyokusho Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2007
the wings look loveeeely. :3
boznic Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2007
Badass nifty wicked!
ryostag Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2007  Hobbyist
i love the wings! :heart: even if they're made from her blood...does that mean it drains her engery too then?
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