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December 8, 2006
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CyberGeneration by Ashwings CyberGeneration by Ashwings
It's finally finished!
This is a Christmas present for all my Rollplaying buddies n_n I started it in October and it was completed round now-ish. It got printed out on nice shiney 12x18 glossy posters courtesy of Lucidia Studio's (my awesome feild placement) and they were given to them just reccently!

It's a poster of all the characters and NPC's from the Cybergen game that we have had going for almost a year (and over 500 hours of play. God we're nerds, really really big nerds, but this proves how awesome the game is!)

The Top row is the Eden Cabal (Main NPC's from the book.)
(Morgan Blackhand needs to shave)

The second row are the Juves (our players)
West, the MegaViolent Tin-Man: Arlene Proulx
Zakila, the Goth Tin-Man: Rebecca Alarie ~WrenHatesYou
Steve, the BeaverBrat Medic: Samantha Lovi ~Alunthri
Dynamo, the MallBrat Scanner: Jenn Lovi ~FlameFoxe
Lolah, the Rad Wizard: Jenny Romanchuk! Me! =D

And the final row are a handful of characters created by our wonderfully amazing GM, Bryan Schmit ~GuntherGoon He is an amazing character creator xD everyone is just so lifelike.

Oh! And the one on the end is played by Jay who popped in for 2 games, he had to pull out but we had a blast playing with him when he was there and made a significance in the game as well =D

Want to find out more about Cyber Generation?

>> Find out more and order the books @ R.Talsorian adventure games!
>> R.Talsorian website


Oh and for those of you who want cheap online PDF'S!

Very cheap, very legal Cybergen PDF'S can be found here!

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Whoa! Nostalgia!

Love it!
YAY! I had no idea people were doing original art of Mike's stuff! <3 <3 <3 Seeing this made me so happy, especially considering I was just finishing up a MegaViolent for a game Mike's gonna run me and Cody (his son, one of my friends) in. It's always so amazing when I remember this stuff is actually being SOLD, and our little roleplay group on Saturdays isn't the only group who has access to this. ^^;
In any case, the art on this is AMAZING! Thank you for making my day!
Heheh why thank you :)
The Cybergen game we played ran for about 3 years or so, it was good times, I hope yours is just as great!

I used to be involved with a sort of spin off group that was making more Gen stuff (Thus all the Cybergen images, there are loads more on my computer), but they haven't used any of the artworks I had made respectfully, and because of creative differences, I quit, and now I do it solely for my friends.

Thank Mike for making such a wonderful game! I had so much fun with it!
Yeah-I think Cory is gonna be fun to play!
And I'll definitely thank Mike-he always loves to hear from fans of his games!
What wonderful original character designs! Thankyou for shareing!!!
Nice. I don't like c-gen but I love cp2020. I always thought of Morgan as a big black fella:-)
Great job though!
Erikonil Aug 14, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Fantastic! I played in a huge CyberGen game in college (Arco Runners baby!) and I gotta say it's totally one of the coolest sci-fi games out there if people can pick up the books.

Love your interpretations of the big NPC's especially Blackhand. Very cool.
Jenny doesn't lie: CyberGen is an AMAZINg game. You all go buy now, yes?
:D Isn't it though? n___n and yes! Buy buy!
I love the way you've drawn all the main NPCs. Especially Rache! You thought of submiting it to Firestorm?
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