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September 11, 2006
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No power in the 'Verse... by Ashwings No power in the 'Verse... by Ashwings
Hahah oookay. Guess who is a huge Firefly dork? Yeah me.

My friends and I started up a Firefly RPG game and I have the honour of being the pilot =D And here she is! Li-lin (lee-lynn) Jones! Graduated at the top of her class and destined to be one of the best pilots in the known 'Verse (universe, lol).

For those of you who watch the series, she's not like Wash, XD She's kinda like Kaylee but more badass and spunky, happy, nice, and innocent (if thats even humanly possible). She's a huge sucker and an 'easy mark' she believes that everyone is good ('Cept for Reavers) and she'll beleive almost anything you tell her. She's really spacey and has a bit of a leaky brainpan. She's a tough little girl for her age and has a heart of a lion in despite of her upbringing (she has like, a crappy family.)

Hahah I totally ripped off the clothing style from the Last Exile from Winry, Lavvy, Ravey(sp)? But the clothes were just too perfect and excatly how I pictured it. So here she is!
I purposely made her eyeballs kinda farther apart...makes her look more spacey and retarded lookin' hahah. And that random quote? I dunno I made it up I think.

Yup! Now I am off to class!

Oh! And here is the RPG Book! For all of you who wanted to know.
I want to be a browncoat so I can wear Mals coat. (Not intended to be suss. ..Okay, maybe a little.) Joss Whedon is good with picking coats.

I love how you made her so spacey and a little spesh, we may call her deceptively intelligent?

In conclusion,
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