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Submitted on
February 14, 2011



Store update and advertising news!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 14, 2011, 7:33 AM

Happy Valentine's day! May you fill your stomach with cheap chocolate that goes on sale the day after. And to celebrate that love, and go with that looting spree, the I Heart Looting shirt is 30% off this week :)

In fact, just check out everything in the store! Greg and I have been working like crazy to overhaul it and make it easier to use. You can check out multiple views of each item now, and we're going to put in a lightbox to show off larger shots of everything! Boone's taking a vacation for now, as his image kinda got in the way. We'll find something else to do with him later on, I'm sure :)

In other store news, shirt prices are down a bit, and prints have been reduced a smidge as well. Greg also went and updated all of our shipping tables this past week, so the costs for shipping on *most* items have been reduced.

Also! We've gotten reports of more annoying ads, so we're dropping that advertiser completely. Again, guys, we don't WANT to bug you with ads that expand or make noise or are otherwise irritating. If you see something like that, please, please take a screenshot and send it to Greg so that he can find the offending advertiser and make them behave.

Advertising is very important aspect in keeping the comic afloat; this is where most of out revenue comes from. Without that, well, it'd be doubtful that we could keep the comic going. HOWEVER we have strict rules for our advertisers to stay within the bounds of the adspot, and absolutely no pop ups and NO NOISE. Most advertisers we have we can easily have those ads taken down, but with some we just drop outright. Again, if you see ads that do any of the above contact, and we'll do our best to get rid of them in a timely manner! :)

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Cool stuff, but you might wanna check those links you put to the store in the journal. They don't seem to work right. I'm sure we all know where to find the store, though :P
Man, you guys are awesome. How're you liking nc's bipolar weather? It was so warm today...
Hahah thanks xD And it was LOVELY! :D
I know! Actually gardened without a huge coat...
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